The ’Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen‘ took place this year again.

For me it was the first time to participate in this competition and I collected a few new impressions. At first I had to make a short video about the topic ‘an underrated or overrated invention’. After handing in the video I got my next topic (‘Africa’) for the exam day, and I had about 2 weeks to get prepared. On the day of the exam I first had to write a story about either my experiences of a week in a township school in South Africa, or about my experiences at a safari tour there. The next exercises I had to do were a reading comprehension, to fill in a text with missing letters and a quiz about South Africa. Especially for this quiz I could use the information that I had collected before.

All in all I had a lot of fun, and I think it’s an interesting experience, especially for people who are interested in languages and who like learning languages. In my opinion participating in the ‘Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen’ was really worth it, because you could not only be creative with filming but also test your knowledge in your favourite language.

Sara Kocak, 8. Kl.

Die Urkunden wurden in diesem Jahr einzeln überreicht. Unsere herzlichen Glückwünsche gehen an die Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen: Alina Lipke (Italienisch), Sara Kocak (Englisch), Jonas Lehmair (Latein), Simon Neudert (Latein) und Mika Zalucky (Latein)